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Stop by the Riverside Farmer's Market on Saturdays from 9-12.  Get your worm juice, garden goodies, actual wiggling worms to start your own compost bins, and FARMY t-shirts from us and fill up with more great veggies from the other farmers.


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Proceeds support our continuing nonprofit work through the Be the Change Project. This includes:

  • Wormtopia for soil building & improved plant fertility 

  • Rivers Without Plastic: microplastics research in the Truckee River

  • The Reno Garlic Fest

  • Mugworts School of Farmcraft & Discovery

  • VersaTerra Natural Building

  • Permaculture, simple living, and climate change action!

Dr. Bubbles Is In 

Get your Actively Aerated Compost Tea through Wormtopia.

We offer Tea occasionally at the market but can also make up to 55 gallons at a time for larger gardens or groups of Tea users. 

Contact us to place an order.

PS: this is not worm juice

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What the Worms Eat

All winter they were dining on New Harvest Farms spent pea shoot mats.  We covered the bins with these 20" x 10" mats giving them plenty of food and an added blanket of warmth to keep them cozy. 


This season we are feeding them a partially composted mix of straw, leaves, organic food scraps, and coffee grounds. The half-finished compost has a wealth of microbes and bacteria upon which the worms can feast.


We just started some more compost piles with inputs from Down To Earth Compost (formerly our Reno Rot Riders).

More examples of urban organics upcycling!

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